No pain, no gain?

I wish someone could answer a lot of my questions... like how is this suffering going to affect Aikku in a long run? Being in PAIN so often in so many different ways. Neuropatic pains in limbs and jaw, joint pains, musclepains, headaches and pains in the digestive tract. There is not much more places... Continue Reading →

“Vuosi elämästäni”. Tunnustuksia katkeruudesta

Naistenlehdissä näkee syövästä puhuttaessa usein sanonnan "vuosi elämästäni". Laulaaha Kaija Kookin siitä ("toiselta vei musta vuosi hiuksetkin"). Tuntuu hirveältä näitä ihmisiä kohtaan, mutta ensimmäinen ajatukseni on, että "voi voi, onpas kamalaa". Toivottavasti saan sen tietämättömyyttäni anteeksi. Enhän ole koskaan ITSE sairastanut syöpää. En ole koskaan tunnustautunut katkeraksi ihmiseksi. Olen kehuskellut sillä, että en omalla kohdallani... Continue Reading →

Nervousness in the air

We came to the ward for a bonemarrow sample. It is a sample taken regularly after radiation therapy (to make sure of the effect and to confirm that the cancer haven't reappeared.). What makes me nervous is that Aikku has been neutropenic and off medicines for weeks. So the doctors wanted to advance the bonemarrow... Continue Reading →

One step further

Radiation therapy is done and over with. Aikku took it way more calmly than I did. She decided to skip the anesthesia and have the therapy awake troughout the process. This made it so much easier to travel there back and forth on daily basis. The radiation it self takes only a couple of minutes... Continue Reading →

Start of radiation therapy

I’m sitting on the kitchen floor and crying. That's all I can do right now. Today was the planning of Aikku’s radiation therapy (18 Greys). A mask was made (to hold her head still while she gets radiation in her scull) and a head CT was taken to find the right areas to beam. Thank... Continue Reading →

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